Mario Strikers: Battle League is a Fun Soccer Style Video Game the Whole Family Will Love

We’re a soccer family and love all things related to our favorite sport/activity. We even love playing Rocket League, which is a soccer game where cars are used instead of players. Soccer video games are played frequently on our TV. Many sports games are too hard for my youngest though.

When I heard about Mario Strikers: Battle League, I knew immediately it would be a hit in my house. And it is. Mario Strikers is a soccer game for the Nintendo Switch. It’s like a mash-up of Mario Kart and FIFA. Like Mario Kart, players can choose their 5 favorite Mario characters and add them to their team. And unlike normal soccer, there’s no flopping. In fact, you can tackle your opponent without getting called for a foul. The game is simple to understand, so younger players will not have a problem figuring out passing, shooting, and defense.

My favorite thing about the Nintendo Switch is that you can play it everywhere. The Switch accompanies us to all our soccer games, practices, and activities. I love the versatility of being able to play on the go or at home. Mario Strikers is the perfect game for that gaming lifestyle.

For fans of Mario Kart and soccer, Mario Strikers will be a great gift this holiday season. To order Mario Strikers: Battle League, click here.

Disclaimer: I partnered with Nintendo for this review. 

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