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Always Always Always Charge the Nintendo Switch Before a Road Trip: A Pokemon Sword and Shield Story

A lot of preparation went into our vacation. Once the car was packed and each of my kids accounted for, we headed for the lake. After discussions ended and boredom set in, I reached a hand into a bag to distribute the Nintendo Switch. Upon handing it over, a frustrated 4-year-old cried out, “It’s dead!” I went through the trip preparation in my head and realized I forgot the most important thing, to charge the Switch. Usually, the Switch is already charged because it sits in a docking station next to the TV. Unfortunately, it was played with and never put back into it’s respected spot.

When you travel with kids as much as I do, I should’ve known better. But as with everything else these days, my mind is out of whack and I forgot. Before I go on road trips, I charge everything and place the electronics on a table to be tossed into backpacks before we leave the house. I’ve done this on trips across America and in Europe. Video games are not just to entertain kids on trips, but also provides me with a moment of peace that helps my sanity to be in a good place at the beginning of a trip.

When we arrived at our cabin, bathing suits were thrown on and electronics plugged in. Even though we were staying in a rustic cabin, I was prepared to spoil my children with video games because of… I mentioned sanity, right?

My kids received the new Pokémon video games Pokémon Shield and Sword before the trip and were looking forward to playing them. My kids love all things Pokémon. My 8-year-old son takes his cards with him everywhere he goes (Back when he could play with friends) and trades the cards with his friends. My 4-year-old is learning about Pokémon and looks at books and her cards. They were ready for battle.

Although they could not play the games on the way to the cabin, Pokémon Shield and Pokémon Sword came in to save the day while we played tennis. My 4-year-old is too young to play with us, but I didn’t have anyone to watch her while I played with her brother. In order for us to get through a match, I needed to set her up with something to do. The Switch gave us time to play while my daughter was entertained by her Encounter Chainings. (That’s a Pokémon reference).

The Pokémon games came in handy during rainy moments and times when the family needed a break from one another. And before we packed up on the last night of vacation, we made sure the Switch was fully charged.

Pokémon Sword and Shield are rated E for Everyone. There’s mild humor, and the violence is cartoonish. If you’re familiar with the violence in the cartoon, it’s basically the same thing. My 4-year-old can play the game, but I don’t think a younger kid could accomplish the tasks. She has difficulty sometimes and needs help, but still loves playing the game. My 8-year-old is probably at the prime age to be playing the game in that he finds the game entertaining and the obstacles challenging, but attainable.

Disclaimer: I have partnered with Nintendo for this story, but the words and review are my own. 

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