Pokémon Snap Review

Pokémon Snap is the latest Pokémon video game for the Nintendo Switch, and has excited the two Pikachu fans in my house. As you can probably guess by the title of the game, Pokémon Snap is a first-person picture-taking game. Great job Nintendo at combining gaming and our obsession with Instagram-style photos. Actually, Snap was released as a Nintendo 64 game back in the day and had everyone up in arms over the cuteness of the characters. It makes perfect sense to bring the loveable Pokémon back to life in 2021.

The goal of Pokémon Snap is to help Professor Mirror and his assistants at studying Pokémon. The game takes you to worlds where you must locate the Pokémon and take their photos. Depending on the photo, Mirror will rate the rarity of the photo. You’ll also need to build up trust in taking photos. The more trust you build up during the game, the least likely a character will run away. There are also tools you can pick up or earn along the way, which help in finding Pokémon and take their pictures.

I love this game for my kids. There’s no violence or anything to worry about. It’s not overly complicated and my almost 6-year-old enjoys taking photos. She occasionally needs help with a level, but exploring and taking photos is a lot of fun for her. My 9-year-old has fun completing the levels and taking photos. It’s like an Instagram internship.

If you are looking for a non-violent video game for kids, Pokémon Snap is great to pick up. Older kids will complete the game pretty quickly, but younger ones will have a lot of fun working through levels and taking photos.

I partnered with Nintendo for this review. 

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