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Learning at Home with Thames and Kosmos Products: Colorful Crystal Lab and SolarBots Review

When I was a homeschool parent, I purchased a Thames and Kosmos wind power kit. We used it for a science experiment to study how wind power can create energy. The kit charged a battery that we placed in their toys. Since then, my kids have shown an interest in wind power and can explain it to their classmates and teachers.

I thought my homeschooling days were over, but COVID has made all of us homeschool parents to a degree. We’re not picking out our children’s curriculum and teaching them across a table, but we are facing the challenge of making sure they are receiving an excellent education and their time is being used appropriately. And we’re trying to get our own work done at the same time. I recommend Thames and Kosmos products to help kids learn science and provide them with fun activities.


I received the Solar Bots kit and the Colorful Crystal Lab to review, and it was well-received by my science-loving 8-year-old. Both kits are for ages 6 and up, but my 5-year-old sat with us and interacted with the Crystal Lab. The Bots kit can be constructed into 8 different bots and is powered by solar energy. What I like about both kits is that we can use them for a variety of experiments and are not “one-off” kits like many science kits. They can continue to be used and experimented with.

To purchase the Colorful Lab Kit, click here.

To purchase the Solar Bots Kit, click here.

Disclaimer: I have partnered with Thames and Kosmos for this review, but the words and stories are my own.

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@thamesandkosmos has long provided science-loving kids with great products. Now that most of us are trying to educate our kids at home, we can all use Thames and Kosmos kits to help teach kids in fun interactive ways. I received the SolarBots Kit and Colorful Crystal Lab and my kids are loving the experiments. And I’m loving that they can sit next to me while I work and they learn by being hands on. . . . #ad #science #kit #kits #thamesandkosmos #toy #toys #learning #learningathome #learningthroughplay #education #homeschooling #homeschool #influencer #influencers #kids #kid #parenting #dadlife #dads #parents #lifestyle #distancelearning #children #experiment

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