New Magformer Toys are Fun and Calming

Back in 2008, I went to a Meetup with NYC Dad’s Group that was sponsored by a new toy called Magformers. I knew nothing about the company and was mainly looking forward to hanging out with my dad friends. I brought my 2 kids with me (2 more were born later) and we joined other dads and kids around tables to assemble the magnetic toys. My kids were hooked instantly.

After the event, they gave us a set of Magformers to take home, where my kids made houses, forts, and other designs that popped into their heads. Possibilities were endless as they combined Magformers with their other toys to make forts and neighborhoods.

Something else happened while I played alongside my kids, I became more relaxed. I’m not sure what it is about assembling Magformers, but the combination of building and the clicking sounds adds peacefulness to my disposition. Magformers became my go-to gift when shopping for birthday presents for my kids’ friends. When my other 2 kids came along, the same sets that we received from that first Meetup with the Dad’s Group, were played with again. Over the years, our collection of Magformers has grown.

Magformers expanded their line-up of toys to include sets that can be built into rescue vehicles and there are sets with cool vibrant colors. My son loves using the rescue vehicles along with older sets to create stories about rescuing people and putting out fires. My daughter enjoys making houses and towers and uses them as homes for her other toys.

I love these new Magformer sets and enjoy helping my kids create buildings and stories. And just like the old sets, I find it restores my patience when I play with them and helps me relax. I don’t know if these toys are found in therapy rooms, but they should be.

If you are looking to buy great toys for gifts or for activities to do during downtime while kids learn at home, purchasing Magformers is a good place to start.

Disclaimer: I have partnered with Magformers for this review. The words and photos are my own. 

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