Kids Skate Free: Check to see if there is a rink near you

I take on a mission every summer to do as many free things as I can. Not that I’m cheap, it’s that I like to stay busy and staying busy adds up. I’ve made a list of free things to do in New York City and I go to the $2 Regal movies and free bowling as often as possible. I’m continuing to keep my eyes out and ears open for more opportunities.

My constant search for freebies brought me to the Kids Skate Free website. There aren’t any skating rinks participating in NYC, so we’ll be going when we travel or visit family outside of the city. I’m bummed about that. It’ll help cut our costs though during vacations this summer.

Here’s how kids can skate free:

  1. Click the “Sign Up” tab and complete the form.
  2. Download MyHownd App. When filling out the details on MyHownd, use the email that was used to sign up with Kids Skate Free. In the wallet’s file on the app, two passes will show up. You get 2 passes per week for each child. Some rinks have age limits, so you’ll want to check the participating rink before you go.
  3. Find a participating rink by typing in your city or the name of a rink.
  4. When you arrive at the rink, show your passes on the app. A skating rink employee will redeem the pass.
  5. You will need to rent skates.

Have fun!

What are you doing that’s fun and cheap this summer?

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