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Using Melatonin to Help My Kids Have a Consistent Bedtime Routine

I first heard about giving kids melatonin when my oldest child was around 10. That made my other kids 8, 2, and the last one wasn’t a thought yet. Other parents told me how great using Melatonin was and how it helped their children fall asleep. I was skeptical at first and didn’t like the idea of giving my kids something to help aid them in falling asleep. That changed when we flew to Europe.

With a long flight ahead of us and a desire to have the kids acclimated to a new time zone, we purchased melatonin for some help. It worked well on the flight and it helped the kids ease into the night while on vacation. Giving my kids melatonin was so helpful that I wondered where it had been my whole life. It would have made a difference when I was younger.


With 4 kids, bedtime can be hectic. The older ones are teenagers, so they don’t need me at bedtime. The younger two kids still do. Here’s our bedtime routine.

If my daughter is not quite ready to go to bed but needs to fall asleep quickly because of school the next day or other function, I give her melatonin 30 minutes before bedtime. Then she brushes her teeth, brushes her hair, and gets ready for bed. Then, her mother sings her a song, I read to her and we do our bedtime prayers. After that, I give melatonin to my third child and our routine is like my daughter’s. Giving my kids melatonin has helped us develop a consistent bedtime routine and make our nights less stressful.

When you’re a parent to a large family, sometimes you need assistance. After a long day, you don’t want another nighttime battle. I’ve appreciated the help from Viva Naturals in helping my nights be more peaceful. If you struggle with helping your kids fall asleep at night, speak to your pediatrician to see if melatonin is right for your family. Click here to purchase your Viva Naturals supplements.

*Disclaimer: I have partnered with Viva Naturals for this blog post. The story and words are my own. The links are affiliate links.

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