Adding a Moment of Peaceful Fun with Hawaiian Shaved Ice

Being a dad is stressful. I do not need to remind anyone of that. There are moments that are extremely hard. We have to rush one kid here and then another kid there. We must discipline and show compassion afterward. Putting others first is a daily activity. Plus, we have added pressure from work, what is happening in the world, and personal conflicts.

Because life can be very difficult, I look forward to those moments when everything is blocked out and we have a focus on fun. Those peaceful and fun moments help me get through a hard day. My latest “Break UP The Day” activity is making shaved ice treats for my kids and me.

When I decided to partner with Hawaiian Shaved Ice, I wondered if the timing was a bit off and if it would be relevant to the time. We are into fall now and soon winter will be upon us. The shaved ice maker intrigued me and thought it might make a great Christmas gift. I was right, and it doesn’t have to be hot outside to enjoy a cold treat.
(Order by 12/18 to have it in time for Christmas)

The Hawaiian Shaved Ice Maker is great at breaking up our day. After I pick up the kids from school, we go to the playground for a bit. Once we get home, I pop the ice into the shaved ice maker and within a minute, my kids have a delicious treat. Since it’s not filling, my kids’ appetites are not ruined before supper. And it helps transition my kids into doing their homework, which is helpful to keep me from getting stressed out. The shaved ice maker is super easy to use and takes no skill at all.

And once summer rolls around, I’m sure I’m going to make some nice adult beverages.

To purchase your Hawaiian Shaved Ice Maker, click here and enjoy a moment of peaceful fun with your kids.

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I partnered with Hawaiian Shaved Ice and Apogee Agency for this review.



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