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Coding Apps For Kids

I see a lot of stories about coding, but gave little thought to it. Then, my son brought home a paper from school that said he was accepted into a coding program. It was a short-term after-school program 2 days a week. Every day that I picked him up, he excitedly shared new things he had learned. He’d make figures dance, play soccer, and make animals move. Since he was excited about it, I was excited about it.

Coding in schools will continue to be taught more and more. It’s a great idea to help kids get a jump on learning. Many apps are available to help kids have fun while learning how to code.

Here are some of them:

Kodable: Ages 4-10.
Kodable offers games and activities to help kids learn and think like computer programmers.

Codespark: Ages 5-10.
Codespark includes activities and games to help kids build computer science skills and learn STEM.

Hopscotch: Ages 9-11
Kids can create and play games in this app. They’ll have as much fun creating as playing.

Imagi: Ages 4+
Imagi is great for kids that have never coded. Kids play games that help teach them how to code.

Swift Playgrounds: 4+
Kids learn how to build real apps by solving puzzles.

Looking for more coding games? Check out this collection of apps.

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