Death of Classical is a Perfect Date Night in New York City

Death of Classical is about as perfect of a date night as you could have in New York City.


Death of Classical is about as perfect of a solo night in New York City you could have.

Both are true.

I found out about Death of Classical a year ago and have been trying to get to a concert since. Death of Classical, or “DOC” as us cool kids like to call it, performs classical music inside crypts, catacombs, and graveyards. I attended a performance in Green-Wood Cemetery alone and savored the night with orchestra music, tacos, and spirits.

The theme of the night was Tacos, Tequila, and Taverner’s The Protecting Veil. The first orchestra to take the stage was the Grand St. Stompers. They played as it was still light out, and I savored my tacos with tequila and whiskey as the band and Tamar Korn serenaded the crowd.. After the Stompers ended their performance, there was a break between the next orchestra. Audience members walked around the cemetery and finished their food and drinks.


Contemporaneous, an ensemble of 23 musicians and solo cellist Joshua Roman, played a haunting and beautiful arrangement of Taverner’s Protecting the Veil as night fell. Protecting the Veil is a classical piece on how faith can protect us and how we all need something to help us during difficult times.

Concert goers had the option to sit in chairs, or they could spread out across the cemetery by sitting on self-brought chairs, blankets, or on the ground. I moved around during both performances and sat on the chairs directly in front of the orchestra as well as sat on the ground. Listening to the music in the beautiful Green-Wood Cemetery hit beyond my expectations. I knew I was in for a great night of music, but didn’t expect to enjoy myself as much as I did. Sure, the tequila and whiskey provided a great assist to a wonderful night, but the overall experience was magical.


New York City is full of one-of-a-kind experiences and Death of Classical is now at the top of my suggestions. Because I thoroughly enjoyed the concert, I’m looking forward to the other venues in the crypts and catacombs.

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