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Being Legendary and Having a Dad Bod

Over the past couple of years, a new term arose to describe a type of man’s physique. That term is “Dad Bod.” Usually, a “Dad Bod” refers to a guy who looks like he’s in kind-of-good shape. As though he cares about his physique to an extent, but can’t commit wholly to a regular workout routine. Often, the dad is a little thick in the middle, but looks like he could drop and do 15 pushups on command.



I have my own type of “Dad Bod.” I’m skinny with a soft midsection. I like to go running, do yoga, and I try to work out. Being a dad to 4 doesn’t quite let me have the exercise routine that I’d like to have. Also, I really like banana splits, Oreo Cookies, Costco sheet cakes, chocolate chip cookies, ginormous hamburgers, BBQ anything, and my list could continue for the rest of the page. I’m still going to blame my kids for my more cushiony parts (abs).

Now, why am I talking about this you ask? Because I’m competing in the Legendary Dad Bod contest, where the winner gets a nice chunk of cash and a two-page spread in Men’s Journal. If you’ve followed me over the years, you know how much I love being a dad and take every opportunity I can to share my Dad Journey. Talking about being a dad in Men’s Journal would be a hoot. Yes, I said, “Hoot.” Also, that cash would really be helpful.

Not only are you helping me get into Men’s Journal (apparently People Magazine are not going to anytime soon), you’re also helping to raise money for the B+ Foundation. The B+Foundation provides families with a child battling cancer with funding.

Anyone can vote. That means you should vote for me right now. I’m sure there are a lot of other great dads competing in the Legendary Dad Bod Challenge and guys who put in the work to look great are wonderful dads. Even so, vote for me.

Voting has closed

Here is the link:

You can also follow along my fitness journey on my Instagram account, @RunJasonGreene.


I appreciate your vote.

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