Skylanders Superchargers: Video Game Review

skylander superchargers

The Skylanders video game franchise has been churning out great family video games since 2011.  The latest installment is the Skylanders Superchargers. Like the other games, characters that resemble toys are placed upon a Portal of Power, which is attached to the game console. By placing characters on the portal, it adds an extra dimension of fun to the game. My 3 year old loves to switch the characters. And with this game, vehicles can be added and switched to accompany a character.

In this version, a giant floating head, (stay with me here) that is actually a floating space station is destroying the Skylands. A group of people called the Supercharges join together to take on this menace to Skylands.

My 3 year old plays on the easies level, which makes it a lot of fun for him to follow along with the storyline. My older kids (11 and 9) play at a more difficult level for the increased challenge. Skylander Supercharges is a great game for families that enjoy playing video games together. Skylanders make a great gift as well, because people can add pieces as a players becomes more familiar with the game.

*Disclaimer: I received a copy of the game for review. The opinions in this post are my own. 


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