Guitar Hero Live: Game Review

Guitar Hero LiveWe have been fans of Guitar Hero since the very first game for the PS2. I have great memories of playing with my oldest son. Usually when I played with him, I would pretend to plug in his guitar and I would play with the other one that was hooked up. Now, He’s 11 and we have a new Guitar Hero to play in our PS4. And this time, both of our guitars are plugged in.

I have no musical talent at all. But with a lot of suspension of belief, I can rock out in front of an audience. In the new Guitar Hero Live, you can either put an audience into frenzy, or you can get booed off the stage. When we first opened the box and began playing, hours quickly went by as we laughed and played.

I think Guitar Hero has long been a fun family game, but there is one word of caution for families with younger children. Some of the lyrics do have swear words and some adult themes.

And one more great thing about Guitar Hero Live – New music arrives every week, which helps the game stay fresh.

*Disclaimer: I received a copy of Guitar Hero Live for review purposes. The opinions in this post are my own. 



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