Ventev Powercell 5000 Charger: Product Review

For good or bad, we are on some type of electrical device a lot. Carrying around phones, iPads, and laptops have become a way of life. It feels odd when we don’t have those things strapped to us or close at hand. And when you are a blogger, you are probably on your devices a lot more than the average person. I had no idea when I became a dad blogger and a travel blogger that I would need to be connected as often as I am. And in doing so, I quickly drain my batteries.

I have participated in twitter chats and hangouts while on vacation or while I sat along with my kids in the back seat of the car (work is a little less conventional when you are a dad blogger). And when your job requires working electronics, battery drain is a constant fear. And I am not afraid to admit that at times, my kids run the batteries out because they are using my electronics to entertain themselves while on the plane or traveling down the road.

ventevSo it was only a few hours into owning the Ventev Powercell 5000 Battery Charger that I had the opportunity to use it. Now, I take it with me whenever I attend an event, interview, or trip. And I’m impressed with how quickly it charges up my phone. The charger can be used for all types types of electronic devices that use a 1A (5W) or 2.1A (10W) charge. Often times when I am traveling, I am nowhere near an electrical outlet and so I am looking forward to stuffing the Powercell 5000 into my backpack. It will especially come in handy on my next camping trip. Now if it could scare away bears as well…

Other handy items from Ventev:

Never in my wildest dreams did I believe that I would be stoked about cables, but I am. We have so many cables laying around the house and they’re all ugly and twisted. I hate looking at them. It’s impossible to quickly identify which cable goes with what phone. And forget about it if they get tossed into a drawer. Ventev has solved the ugly problem by selling flat tangle resistant cables such as the ChargeSync Micro cables and the ChargeSync Apple Lighting Cables. Not only are they tangle resistant, but they are also colorful, which helps set them apart from other cables.

Our new “Don’t drive away from the city without it” product is the Powerdash r900 Charger. It serves as a car charger in the cigarette lighter in your car, but unplug it and it’s a portable charger for your electronic devices. For those that have had to sit in their car while their phone charges, the appeal is apparent.


PowerCell 5000 Battery Charger $54.99

ChargeSync Micro Cable $14.99

ChargeSync Apple Lighting Cable $24.99

Powerdash r900 Charger $39.99

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