The Day I Sat in a Luxury Box at an NFL Game With My Sons

As an influencer, I get a lot of great opportunities sent my way. One perk is that I occasionally get invited to attend sporting events. After I received an invitation to attend a Jet’s game, I responded with a request if I could bring my boys along. My wish was granted.

I am the lone football fan in my house. My oldest son loves soccer and his world revolves around playing soccer and watching soccer. My youngest son loves to play basketball. My oldest daughter loves basketball and my youngest daughter likes soccer. So I had to give a crash course on American Football to my sons. After covering the basics, we journeyed out to MetLife Stadium to watch the Jets take on the Broncos.

Experience Family-Friendly Fun Before Jets’ Games at MetLife Stadium

Before the game, we walked onto the field and got to stand on the sidelines. We stood next to the Jets’ players while they warmed up and prepared for the game. Feeling like a child myself, I yelled praises to various players as they passed and took many photos. My sons were impressed by the size of the players and how easily they moved around.

The Big Show

While we were watching the players, my youngest son noticed WWE’s The Big Show towering over everyone on the sideline. He loves watching the WWE and Big Show is one of his favorite wrestlers. From then on for my youngest, it was about looking at the enormous Big Show towering over all the other people on the sidelines.

As the game started, we were ushered up to our luxury box to watch the game. I did my best to inform my sons that this was a privilege and unless we get invited back, there’s no way we will ever sit in another luxury box at an NFL game.

As the game went on, my soccer-loving oldest son asked questions like, “Why do they stop so long after every play?” And made comments like “They really don’t run that much,” and “I can’t believe they stop gameplay for a TV timeout!” My youngest son kept asking if we were going to get more cookies.

With the many comments from my oldest son and my youngest’s constant traffic to get cookies, I was annoyed at my boys. During one of the trips to stock up on more cookies, I checked on my youngest to see what was taking so long. He was inside talking to the bartender. The bartender asked me if I wanted to change the TV channel inside the box to Nickelodeon. For the rest of the game, my son sat in a very expensive luxury box and watched SpongeBob SquarePants.

My oldest, realizing my frustration, stopped his comments on the reasons soccer is superior to every sport. We finished the game talking about the Jets and my favorite team, The Browns. After the little hiccup in the middle, the day turned out to be lots of fun for all of us. My sons were able to run through the obstacle courses outside the stadium, see players close-up, watch TV in a very expensive room, and eat a mountain of cookies. And I got the chance to spend the day with my boys in a very cool setting.










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  1. Obviously this was a while ago OR are they back to playing? Maybe they’ll be football fans someday 🙂

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