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Experience Family-Friendly Fun Before Jets Games at MetLife Stadium

The first time I went to an NFL game, it was a Browns vs Steelers game at the old Cleveland Municipal Stadium. I was in high school and before I walked through the gates; I reeked of beer. Not because I was drinking mind you, but because of the rowdy pathway that guided me to the game. Back in those days, going to a football game was a family experience only because you were with your family. There wasn’t much for a kid to do other than dodge an occasional drunk and cheer on their team.

Most NFL stadiums now have exciting activities for kids to do before the game begins. I attended a Jets’ game at MetLife Stadium with my two boys and my 6-year-old had the time of his life before the game even started. Because of the family-friendly atmosphere, I didn’t have to worry about my kids getting doused with beer or picking up new curse words.

Outside MetLife Stadium, kids can run through obstacle courses, kick field goals, or toss passes. There are also a plethora of photograph opportunities. You can even have your photo taken next to the Jets Super Bowl trophy. After the game begins, the area shuts down, so get all your fun in before the game starts.

I loved that my 6-year-old could get his energy out before the game. That helped me to enjoy the game since I didn’t have to frequently leave my seat because he was tired from running. To top off the family-friendly experience, kids played a short scrimmage on the field during half-time.

With tickets starting around $50, I want to get my money’s worth and want the whole family to enjoy themselves. With all the activities aimed at kids outside MetLife Stadium, the whole family has something to be excited about. Arrive at least an hour early to experience all the festivities.


Things for families to know about before going to the game:

  • No back packs or large bags are allowed. Small clear plastic bags are permitted.
  • You can bring food into the stadium if it is in a clear plastic bag.
  • No bottles or cans are permitted.
  • Camera lens must not exceed 6”.
  • No Strollers allowed.
  • No umbrellas allowed.
  • Children under 34” are free.
  • If you bring a bag or a stroller, there are places to check them before entering the stadium.

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  1. Wow, I didn’t even realize family activities had now become part of the NFL football games. What a great direction to go! The price for tickets for a family, still seems a little steep. Thanks for sharing this info.

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