Remote Control Star Wars Speeder Bike: Toy Review

speederA great bargain for Star Wars fans is the Star Wars Remote Control Speeder Bike by Spin Master. For only $21, this remote-control Speeder would look great in any of your child’s Star Wars battles. The first time we saw the Speeder bike was in Return of the Jedi during the battle of Endor. Now you can bring Endor to your backyard or wherever the kids want to play. I am having fun zooming around the house and while my 16-month-old daughter chases after it.

 The Speeder also includes sounds, which is fun to use with other Star Wars toys while the Speeder flies overhead.

 Some flying remote control vehicles are hard to operate, but I have mastered this toy quickly.

 Ages: 8 and up.

Price: $21.00

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