SkyTrix: Toy Review

SkyTrixAfter watching videos of people doing tricks with SkyTrix by Daydream Toy, and seeing Sky trix folks giving a demonstration at a Time To Play event in NYC, I was excited to give SkyTrix a try.  SkyTrix is a small, kite-like object attached to a string that can perform tricks in the air.  I’m always looking for something small to take with me on trips to the park or, our favorite location, Governor’s Island.  This looked like a great toy that we could take to those places.

We brought the toy to a soccer field and my kids and I enjoyed playing with it. We weren’t able to perform all the fancy tricks from the videos, but we had a lot of fun flying it through the air. For the most part, we used it like a kite. My 9 year old enjoyed twirling it around and letting it glide through the air.

We had a great time with toy and were able to get a lot of exercise as we ran around.  Other people at the field also enjoyed playing with and watching the SkyTrix.   Unfortunately, after about 45 minutes of playing with it, during which it took numerous crashes, the SkyTrix ripped. The rip, occurring right below the plastic front, was fatal and our first time using the toy was our last.

Pros: Flying and twirling the SkyTrix can be a lot of fun and good way to spend time outdoors.

Cons: Durability was an issue. The suggested age is 8 and up. If most 8 year olds are like mine, then the SkyTrix will have its fair share of crashes and won’t last long.

To watch a SkyTrix video, click here.

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