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Read And Comment Podcast: Episode 1

My good friend and fellow dad blogger Jeff Bogle from Out With The Kids and I have started a new podcast called, Read and Comment. In each podcast, Jeff and I will share blog posts from dad bloggers that grabbed our attention.

In the first podcast, we read excerpts from:

David Kepley from JustaDad247 via City Dads Group: Special Moments Happen When Children Are At Their Most Frustrating.

Trevor LaForce from Love Make Share: Productivity Guilt

Adam Hall from Tenor Dad via The Winooski: Child Lost For 3 Years in Laser Tag Arena Finally Found

Josh Misner from Raised on Movies: 50+ Essential Horror Movies: A Guide to Introducing Your Children to the Genre

Doug Zeigler from Scotchfully Yours: Grace is Gone

So please, listen to the podcast and then read the blog posts.

And don’t forget to comment.

Click here to listen to the podcast

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