Buy Magnolia Speakers Before March AudioFest is Over

Home entertainment is at the top of its game right now with many live streaming options. Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu (just to name a few) have raised the bar in storytelling. Every year, new televisions come out to enhance our viewing pleasure. But we neglect the audio aspect of our entertainment experience.

Now’s your chance to create the perfect mancave, home theater, or family room you’ve always wanted. During the month of March, Magnolia’s March AudioFest is offering customers great deals on audio gear. You can watch your favorite TV shows or movies with surround sound. It will seem like those zombies from the Walking Dead will be right behind you or the waves from Moana are crashing over you.

Don’t stop with your new surround sound system, keep it going throughout your house. Place a Bluetooth speaker in the kitchen so you can listen to music or the news while cooking or cleaning. Do you or your kids love playing games on the computer or watching movies? There are many computer speakers to choose from.

If you want to have the home where your kids bring friends over, then adding Magnolia speakers would be a good start. Hurry to the closest Magnolia store before the deal ends.

DisclaimerThe reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card 

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