Protein Fight Club: Rule #1 – You can always talk about Protein Fight Club

* I’m a sponsored ambassador for the National Milk Mustache “Got Milk” ad campaign and I have been compensated for this post. But the opinions, as always, are my own.

The first rule of Protein Fight Club is, “You do not talk about Protein Fight Club! The second rule is: you do not talk about Protein Fight Club.” Oh, wait, I got my fight clubs mixed up again. There are so many.

Much like the house in Fight Club (the movie, that is), my house is a busy place. People are coming in and out and the kitchen is a well-trafficked area. We aren’t making soap in there, but it still is pretty busy. Our fridge opens up so often for milk that I’m waiting for the day that the door flops off the hinges. The kids seem to drink milk faster than we can buy it. And the thing is, I don’t mind.  As I mentioned in a previous article, one glass of milk contains as much as 8 grams of protein, as well as being full of calcium, potassium, and Vitamin D. But my kids don’t care about protein or calcium or potassium, they love to drink it because it tastes good and it’s a regular part of our breakfast routine.

Does that sound like your house? If so, how does winning free milk sound? Milk Mustache is giving away a gallon of milk a minute as part of their new campaign to spread the word on the importance of protein as part of your daily diet. And one lucky winner each week will get free milk for a year. Click here to participate in the giveaway.

And if you want to know how milk stacks up against other breakfast foods and beverages, watch these Protein Fight Club videos. My favorite is “Milk versus Breakfast Burrito.” There’s no Tyler Durden here, so feel free to talk about Protein Fight Club and share.

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