PlayMonster has cured our boredom by releasing Stacktopus, My Fairy Garden, and OranguTwang

After being stuck inside for months, families have exhausted all of their board games. I’ve reached my max in minutes played with most of our games. And with my younger kids, there are only so many games that hold their attention. This is why I have collaborated with PlayMonster to showcase 3 activities that could help alleviate the boredom you and your children are feeling.


1 to 3 players

Ages 5 and up (my 4-year-old plays and loves it)

$17.99 MSRP

Have you ever wondered how an octopus stacks dishes? No? Having four kids, I’ve often wished I had another arm or two. Turns out, it isn’t any easier.

In this game, players place tentacles on their fingers and try to replicate the cup design on a card. The first one to have their cups match the card wins. My kids love the challenge of using the tentacles and I love that the game requires no setup and is easily cleaned up.

 My Fairy Garden Nature Cottage

Ages 4 and up

$24.99 MSRP


My 4-year-old was learning about plants with her pre-k class and the Fairy Garden was a perfect way to understand the plant cycle. After putting the garden together and planting seeds, we placed the garden on a bottom shelf near a window. My daughter waters the plants every day and adds other toys to interact with the fairy. The garden became more than a place to watch grass grow, but also a play home for fairies and other toys.


2 or more players

Ages 4 and up

$22.99 MSRP


OranguTwang is a Toy of the Year nominee and is played by loading up the orangutan swinging between trees and with pineapples, melons, bats, and lizards. The player that overburdens the orangutan will cause the line to “twang” and the monkey jumps up into the air causing all the supplies to fall to the ground.


My kids and I are quite loud when we play this game in anticipation of who will cause the orangutan to bounce. We talk a lot of trash hoping to cause the other player to bump and spring the orangutan.

Have you played these games? If so, what do your kids like about them? PlayMonster has a plethora of other games and activities for you to enjoy. Check them out by clicking here.

Disclaimer: I have partnered with PlayMonster on this post, but the reviews are my own.


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