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Is Marvel’s The Eternals appropriate for kids?

Another superhero movie has arrived, which means us comic book-loving parents have to make another decision; “Should I let my kid see Marvel’s The Eternals?” As soon as a Marvel or DC movie is announced, I look into the heroes to see if the movie may or may not be suitable for kids. If the film is about a superhero I already know about, I don’t need to do a lot of investigating. Sometimes, such as The Eternals, I had to do a brief background check because I wasn’t familiar with them.

The Eternals have been on Earth close to the beginning of civilization and battle a group of species called “Deviants.” They were sent to Earth to prepare the way for Celestials. The group comprises people who represent a variety of races, sex, and sexual orientation. Don’t worry, straight white men, the most powerful of them still look like you. Well, not like you, because you don’t look like Richard Madden. Yes, that is a shot at those people who are upset about a gay superhero. Get over it.

I enjoyed the movie, but wasn’t blown away by it. There were things I liked, such as the team aspect, diversity, and coming together. I’m fascinated by mythology and can appreciate the mythological background of the characters; two of the characters are Thena and Ikaris. The action, acting, and filmmaking was nice, but the storytelling wasn’t my favorite of the Marvel movies. I’m glad I saw it, the same as I am glad to see all the Marvel movies.

Is Marvel’s The Eternals okay for kids to see? Well, as usual, that is up to the parents and what your kids can see/tolerate. If your kid has seen other Marvel movies (excluding Deadpool), they should be fine with The Eternals. Here’s what to expect:

Violence: It’s a Marvel movie, so there’s a lot of violence. It’s on par with The Avengers films. People die and sometimes in gruesome fashion.
Sex: There is one sex scene between two characters that lasts a couple of minutes. There’s no nudity.
Cursing: There are a few curse words, but none of the big ones.
Scary images: The Deviants look scary and may frighten younger audience members.

Chances are, The Eternals is not the first Marvel movie you’re showing to your kids. If it is, then rethink that and show them the other movies first. If they have seen other Marvel movies, then they should be fine with this one.

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