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Visiting PaleyLand at the Paley Center for Media is our new favorite Christmas Activity in NYC

The Paley Center for Media has become one of my favorite stops in NYC for Christmas. Arts and crafts character meet and greet, video games, Christmas décor, video games, and an unlimited amount of television shows and movies are available each day at Paleyland.

I have walked by the Paley Center for Media many times and noticed the signs, but never visited. There are many “Centers” in New York City and after a while, they blend in together. The Paley Center wasn’t on my list of places to visit and things to do. I was wrong.

The Paley Center is a non-profit organization that explores the area where media and society meet and its cultural, creative, and social significance. Throughout the year, visitors can take part in discussions and explore the vast media resources the Center offers.

During Christmastime, the Paley Center is filled with holiday cheer. I took my two youngest kids to visit PayleyLand, and they could have stayed all day. Their favorite floor was the fourth floor, where kids (and adults) can make crafts and play video games. There are also computers on the floor to look up old shows and news broadcasts. I may have searched up some of my appearances on various TV shows. May have.

Upon entering, if Santa is in, visitors will meet Santa or other Christmas characters. There are also many spots to take a wintery selfie and there’s a video game area. Other floors comprise a miniature train station with a conductor nearby, two media rooms to watch holiday movies, Santa’s Sleigh, and an area to play Just Dance (a dancing video game).

There are a lot of great ways to spend the holidays in New York City and the Paley Center for Media has now jumped towards the top of the list.

The Paley Center for the Media is located at 25 West 52nd St in NYC.

Tickets can be purchased at the door.

For Membership, click here. 

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