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What to Know Before Going to Mets’ Games in 2021

Take me out to the ball game,
Take me out with the socially distant crowd.
Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack with a credit card.
I do care if I never get back.

Times have changed at Citi Field, but at least baseball is back. Like so many other baseball fans, missing last season was hard. I love going to Mets’ games so much that I got a little weepy-eyed during the 7th inning stretch. Fans can’t show up like the old days and purchase tickets at the stadium, but we can still go to games by planning ahead.


Here are things to know before going to a Mets’ game.

  1. Online ticket purchases only. No more walking up to the ticket window and buying same-day tickets. Use the Major League Ballpark App to download tickets on your phone.
  2. Masks have to be worn at all times. The only exception is when you are eating and drinking in your seats.  Gaiters and bandanas are not considered acceptable face coverings.
  3. Everyone must get a Covid test on the same day as the game and bring the negative test result with them. If you received the vaccine, you’ll need to show proof.
  4. No more backpacks. Small bags are allowable.
  5. This isn’t a new one, but good to remember. The only drinks you can bring in are 20-ounce bottles of water that have not been opened.
  6. The batting cages and kid areas are closed.
  7. Seats are tied up throughout the stadium to enforce social distancing. My first thought when I arrived was, “Looks like we’re back at Shea.” It’s actually kind of nice to not have anyone standing up in front of you are not having someone putting their feet on your chair.
  8. Large groups cannot sit together. I had trouble buying tickets for my large family and had to split us up, but still in the same row. When we arrived, our row had seats available that were close together.
  9. No cash accepted. You must use a credit card everywhere, including the parking lot.
  10.  A limited amount of people are allowed in the elevators. Enjoy the stairs.
  11. Gates open up 2 hours before game time.
  12. Not all the concession stands are open, which means my tradition of buying a pastrami sandwich at the game is over.
  13. Players may not sign autographs anymore.
  14. FanFest is closed.
  15. No vendors in the stands. You’ll have to walk to get your food and drinks.

Despite all the changes and my lack of a pastrami sandwich, we all had a great time. Getting a Covid test before the game was a hassle, but we did it. We’ll be back at Citi Field throughout the season to root on our beloved Mets.

Have fun and Let’s Go Mets!

To read more about Citi Field’s safety measures, click here.


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  1. Very informative! We wondered why it appeared you all were the only ones in your section 🙂

      1. No, you can show proof of a vaccine as long as it’s 2 weeks after your last dose.

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