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My Guest Appearance on the Dad 2.0 Podcast: Talking about Blogging, Working with Brands, and Being the Sexiest Man Alive

Dad 2.0 gave me the honor of being a guest on their Dad 2.0 Podcast. If you’ve been following me a long time, you know the Dad 2.0 Conference means a lot to me. On the podcast, Doug, Jeff, and I talk about blogging, working with brands, running, going from acting to being a dad, and the all-important subject of my sexiness.

Warning, the language gets a little salty at times.

Click below to listen.

Here are the posts that we talk about.

Being the Sexiest Man Alive
Throwing Away My Shot and Hitting a More Fulfilled Life
How an Ice Cream Truck Saved the Day During Our Hadrian’s Wall Hike
Parenting, Protesting and Educating: Hoping the World Will Be Able to Read
Interview with Liam Neeson on How Fatherhood Directs His Life
My Instagram account devoted to running and fitness


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