Legendary is what Legendary Does

Legend trophyThis was my day:

7:30 Wake up: Shower, read, and maybe exercise… maybe.

8:30 Make breakfast

8:45 Wake the kids up

9:00 Eat breakfast

9:30 Begin homeschool

2:00 Finish Homeschool and kids have some free time. AKA Dad plays with kids.

4:40 Leave for soccer practice

5:00 Coach my son’s soccer practice

7:00 Finish coaching and then make sure all the kids have a ride home.

7:30 Arrive home and cook supper

8:00 Eat

8:45 Put baby to bed

9:00 Put 4-year-old to bed

9:30 put 9-year-old to bed

10:00 tell 11-year-old to go to bed*

10:30 Drink a beer

(*My wife was working late, which is why I put all the kids to bed.)

And on this day, I also fed and changed an 8 month old baby and cleaned the house. But, of course, my day isn’t always like this. On other days, I have to take the kids to Tae Kwon Do and piano lessons, go grocery shopping, run to swim lessons, and play at the park.

And still on other days…

I stick fight in a Zulu village in South Africa

Zulu stick fighting


Hike with the fam in the Grand Canyon

grand canyon


Snorkel with sharks

KODAK Action Cam


Go snowboarding



dogsledding 1

Stare down WWE Heavyweight Champ Triple H

With Triple H

Run races

Legend 3

And hang with Oscar

legend 1


You get the picture, right? I’m kind of “Legendary.”

Legend 2 on shoulders
Photo by

Now here’s something else. I have a phobia of smelling bad. My wife gives me a hard time about it. Which is why Old Spice’s Hardest Working Collection, a teaming of its Legendary body wash and deodorant, is perfect for me. And with Old Spice’s help, I am not only legendary, I smell legendary.

That 7:30 shower isn’t simply a way for me to start my day, but it is way to be ready for whatever comes – whether it be a normal day or an adventure. If I skip my morning shower (with Old Spice Hardest Working Collection, of course) my day is off. Don’t be off. Start you day off with a win and use Old Spice’s Hardest Working Collection.




Disclosure: I have partnered with Life of Dad and Old Spice for this promotion.

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