If you got to go, use Charmin: And Use Coupons (Attached)

Charmin Ultra Strong Have you ever had to “go” in the woods? Or at the beach? Or alongside a dirt road in South Africa? We have had to answer “yes” to all three of those questions. Do you cringe when you go to the bathroom at a family member’s or friend’s house and they prefer the sandpaper-like TP over the bum-friendlier versions? (You’re thinking about that person right now, aren’t you?) Toilet paper is important people.

With a family of 6, we go through a lot of toilet paper. Like mountains of it. It seems as though we are single-handedly keeping the toilet paper industry in business. I question now how I ever justified throwing it over a teacher’s tree back in the day.

Because of the amount of toilet paper we use, I have become somewhat of a TP connoisseur. Which makes being a brand ambassador for Charmin a perfect fit. Charmin has 2 ultra brands that make any roll feel and look good. That is if you have a family that actually puts the toilet paper back on the dispenser after one is used.

The first Charmin product is Charmin Ultra Soft. This is the go-to TP in my house. And because it is ultra soft and absorbent, users can cut down their paper use by 4 times. So I’m told anyway. I haven’t done the math myself, because that would be weird. Can you imagine going to your kids and asking them to figure out the percentage of toilet paper used compared to the previous roll? Actually, that sounds like a future homeschool problem. Anyway, Charmin Ultra Soft is very bum friendly.

The other Charmin product worth noting here is Charmin Ultra Strong. This toilet paper feels like you’re using a washcloth on the behind. And this is great for when I run out of wipes for my baby and need to sub in toilet paper. By stocking this toilet paper at your house, you’ll receive a lot of bathroom envy.

If you want some help to cover the costs of your toilet paper, you are in luck. Click the images below for coupon links. And chances are you’ll be visiting your bathroom in the very near future, so you might as well save some money.

Click on image for coupons
Click on image for coupons

*Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post by Charmin, but the words are my own. 

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