Knack: PS4 Game Review

knack_mid_img10My wife got me a PS4 for Christmas.  Unfortunately, the only game in stock at the store when she bought it was Knack.

I had no idea what Knack was when I opened up the game. The cover has a weird looking monster on it, along with some goblins, and some people who resemble explorers. And well, that pretty much sums up the game. Knack is about an odd looking creature that accompanies some explorers/archaeologists through jungles and ruins as they fight some goblins… And I liked it.

Players control Knack as he fights Goblins and robots on every level. He increases in size and strength as he collects artifacts. There are hidden gems and pieces on every level, which add to the fun of playing the game.  The game offers a two player option; in two-player mode, Knack is joined by a metal friend.

The story line is basic and you can pretty much figure out where the writers are going with it after just a few minutes. There are no curve balls and the story moves along in a linear fashion. Even so, the story is fun to follow. It turns out not every story has to be complicated to be enjoyable.

In short, while there isn’t anything inherently awesome about the game, there is something surprisingly appealing about it.  And visually, you’ll be hard pressed (at least until more games are releases) to find a more beautiful game.

The game is not hard to understand or play and my son and I beat the game handedly (on the easy level). Obviously the game gets more difficult with each level. Older, more experienced players, enjoy the challenges at the increased difficulty levels.

Knack is rated E10+ (E for Everyone 10+), due to the cartoon “violence,” but in my view it could just have easily been rated a straight E for Everyone. The goblins are more comical than scary and are quite cartoonish and the robots are clearly non-human. Once the goblins and robots are defeated, they simply disappear. There is no blood shed or maimed body parts scattered around and no agonizing grunts or cries. My 7 year old daughter loves to play, as well, especially in the two player mode.

If you’re looking for an action game the whole family can play and enjoy, then Knack might be a good fit for your home.

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