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Jason Greene is Mr. Top Model for 2019

I received an Instagram like this morning from someone who won Ms. Top Model and my ego inflated immediately because it was a picture of my face that was liked. Since there are only legit people on Instagram, I figured Ms. Top Model liked me. Like as in like-like. At first, it felt marvelous, but suddenly I recognized we have nothing in common and it wouldn’t work out. I would have to let Ms. Top Model down. My family situation would place a damper on our relationship. Then I wondered what it takes to be Ms. Top Model and I investigated. Turns out, there’s quite a grueling process of sending headshots, posing; and from perusing photos, sipping champagne at parties. I wondered what Mr. Top Model looked like. And guess what? There isn’t a Mr. Top Model. So, I have a major announcement to proclaim.

Jason Greene is Mr. Top Model for 2019.

The judges (Me) claim it wasn’t even close. Mainly because I was the sole competitor. If there were other participants, (and judges) I’m confident I would still be the clear winner. You see, I’ve been given an extra dosage of confidence lately and all contests are mine to win. I’m up for People’s Sexiest Man Alive and I’m certain I’ll also win GQ’s Most Well-Dressed Man. Also perhaps a Time’s Man of the Year trophy will adorn my desk, but for healthy reasons. You know, being a great dad and transforming the world for the better and stuff.
One reason I believe I am the proper holder of the title of Mr. Top Model is that I don’t take myself very seriously. As you may have recognized. My modeling photos are unplanned pictures captured on Instagram that are more about being a good dad than trying to seize that perfect pic showing off my ruggedly handsome face. I take that back; some photos are planned solely to make my product (My blog) look decent. Not everything can be 100 percent good though. Even Laffy Taffy had to include gross banana flavor to their product when they could have remained with grape and strawberry. Some of my pictures (the migraine ones) are like banana Laffy Taffy. There are better ones, but occasionally you get stuck with whatever’s in front of you and you roll with it.
I’m “a rolling with it” kind of guy. Most of the time, I look good, but it’s those images that reveal the ridiculous side of me that makes me Mr. Top Model 2019. It’s time for models to relax and smile and as Mr. Top Model, I will change the modeling game. A modeling maverick if you will.
Today, don’t take yourself too seriously. Rock a bad Instagram pic and share it on Twitter and Facebook or whatever else you use. Show your friends. Be weird. Be silly. Be you in odd ways. Because weird, funny, and odd is sexy. Today’s a day to laugh. There’s too much seriousness in the world. Let’s see your pics on social of you not looking your best or show off being weird and funny. Take it from Mr. Top Model 2019… Laughter and weirdness look good and it spreads. Laugh it up today. Or Laff it up if you will.

Disclaimer: Laffy Taffy sent me a joke book and thankfully no banana flavors fell out. They also supplied my family a bag of Laffy Taffy, which thankfully no banana flavors were included. Opinions in this post are my own. Search for #LetsLaff and see what others are saying and share your thoughts and photos.


  1. I couldn’t agree more! Life is serious so we’ve gotta do whatever we can to teach the kids to roll with things and find the humor! I think Laffy Taffy had to make the banana flavor so they could remain relatable. Like, oh man, they kind of missed with that flavor, but look at them still working hard. Great message for the kids. 🙂

    1. Exactly. It’s like a licorice jelly bean. They have to throw something in there to make kids realize it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

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