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Is Zach Snyder’s Justice League Appropriate for Kids?

Superhero movies take me back to a time when I adored Christopher Reeve and my mom would buy me comic books at the drugstore when I was sick at home. Whenever superhero-type movies are scheduled, I get my hopes up for a fun movie that helps me and my family escape from everyday life. I enjoyed the Justice League movie when it hit the theaters back in 2017. I probably liked it because I like almost every comic book film. But there was something missing from the film and its potential irked me.

My hopes to see a good Justice League film rose as the “Release the Zack Snyder” movement intensified on social media. Warner Brothers was smart to give fans what they wanted and released Snyder’s version of the Justice League. (Read my review of 2017’s Justice League here.)

For those that don’t know the backstory, Zack Snyder was director of the Justice League, but shortly after the shooting finished, his daughter committed suicide. He lost his desire to complete the film and went home to focus on his family. Joss Whedon stepped in and made changes. A lot of changes. The actors and Snyder were not happy with the changes and voiced their disapproval of the film and Whedon’s bad behavior behind the camera.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is finally available for all of us to see, but it might not be one you want to watch with your kids. Justice League is 4 hours of violent clashes and superheroes swearing. If you always wanted to see Batman and Aquaman drop F-bombs, then this is the film for you. If you watch with your kids, there are moments you might want to shield their ears and eyes. People die in bunches and aliens are slashed to bits. Did I mention Batman likes to swear? This is not your Christopher Reeve Superman movie.

I enjoyed watching the movie and broke it up over 2 days, because who has time to sit in front of a tv for 4 hours? Oh right, we all do these days. The slow buildup was nice as characters had more time to develop and the story wasn’t rushed.

Anyway, here are things to consider if you watch other Marvel and DC movies.
Swearing: Not quite on Deadpool level, but it’s close.
Violence: It is the most violent DC film.
Scary images: The aliens can be scary and are more intense than the 2017 version.
Sex: None.

There you have it. Now to get Warner Brothers to make a sequel.

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