Is Justice League Appropriate for Kids?

I have hoped for a Justice League film since I first watched Christopher Reeve take to the sky. Comic Book fans like myself have envisioned what the ultimate superhero team-up could look like. Finally, the Justice League movie has arrived and I think most superhero fans will be happy with the movie. Not thrilled, but happy.

But before I give my critique of the movie, here’s what parents should know.

Violence: With the number of superhero flicks that have been released over the past 10 years, you should know what you are getting into. There is a lot of fighting, buildings destroyed, and people die. Some people are killed with guns, but you only see bodies drop. Parademons (The flying bugs) wreak havoc on the heroes and provide endless scenes of intense action. Many Parademon are killed.

Cursing: I counted about 5 curse words. None of the big ones, only S words, D words, and SOB.

Sex: None.

Scary scenes: Some younger viewers might be frightened of the Parademons. In some scenes, they try to bite their victims and close up shots of their faces are eerie. The main reason I will not let my 5-year-old watch this movie is because of the winged creatures.

In a nutshell, if your kid was okay with Wonder Woman and Batman vs Superman, they should be fine with Justice League. I think kids that are 8 or 9 and are fans of the superhero genre will enjoy this movie.

Now some extended thoughts:

There were many things I enjoyed about the movie and some I didn’t care for. The CGI effects of the villain Steppenwolf are horrible and characters aren’t given enough time to gel. But watching Superman (Oops, spoiler) and Wonder Woman’s first meeting is entertaining. The Flash’s awkwardness makes for good comedy and Aquaman will be the cool character that everyone wants to be. I would have loved if each character was given their own movie before putting all of them on screen together. Since they are tossed together, dialogue and action are rushed.

The movie is fun and I’m looking forward to seeing it with the rest of the family. Don’t listen to the critics and see for yourself.

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