Hugging Sloths in Honduras

Sloths might be the most adorable animals in the world. I love them. Always have. Even my favorite part of the movie Zootopia is when the sloths are working at the DMV. I never imagined holding one, because you’re not supposed to hold sloths in the wild and they don’t make great pets.

While we were visiting Roatan, Honduras, our travel guide took us to Daniel Johnson’s Monkey and Sloth Hang out. The animals at Daniel Johnson’s Hang Out are rescues from illegal zoos and from people who purchased sloths and monkeys illegally. After they instructed us how to hold the sloths (don’t touch the head or neck), two employees brought out two sloths for us to hold.

My two younger kids were the first to hold the sloths. While we were holding sloths, employees provides us with sloth facts, such as sloths poop once a week. Each person in our group held the sloths for a few minutes. There is nothing like a sloth hug. They wrap their arms around you and gently dig their nails into your back. The sloth that I was holding placed his nose against my chin and cuddled close. There is nothing like a sloth hug. Hugging a sloth is as amazing as you imagine it to be.


After holding the sloths, we went into a cage with monkeys. We were told beforehand that the monkeys were mischievous. We had to put all our belongings in lockers, including hats, phones, wallets, etc. Once we entered the cage, the monkeys went to work on us. They climbed into hoodies, rummaged through pockets, and picked at people with long hair. It was a joyful moment.

Visiting Daniel Johnson’s Monkey and Sloth Hang Out was everything I love about traveling with kids. I got to experience new things with them while watching their expressions go from love to wonder. As with most of our travel experiences, we will talk about this one for many years to come.







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