The Best French Toast Recipe

Everyone thinks their recipes are the best, but this is the absolute best way to make French toast.

I have a confession though. I don’t measure my ingredients. The old bartender in me free pours. For this recipe, I judge the amount of ingredients by how it looks and what I’m used to. So good luck figuring out how much of each ingredient goes in.

Challah Bread
Eggs (I usually use about 6)
Heavy Cream (About 1 cup)
Maple Syrup
Confection sugar
Extras: Sliced bananas, strawberries, or blueberries

Slice up challah bread into thick pieces.
Beat eggs and then add heavy cream and beat for about 30 seconds longer.
Add cinnamon and a little vanilla. (Don’t overdo it on the vanilla.)
Soak the bread in the mixture, flipping each side.
Add the bread to a pan. (I use nonstick pans)
If you are cooking a lot of French toast, turn the heat down as you get closer to the end or you’ll burn the French toast.
Remove from pan and drizzle maple syrup and confection sugar on top.

If you are adding fruit, cut up fruit and sprinkle on top.



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