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A Superhero Movie You Can Take Your Kids To See: A review of Teen Titans Go! To The Movies!

A sad little 6-year-old boy sits by the window looking out longingly, while I leave for the movie theater with his older siblings. This happens every time DC or Marvel releases a superhero movie. The saddest part about the visual is he is the biggest superhero fan of all my kids. He loves reading comic books and easy-to-read stories about his heroes. He plays with superhero toys and role plays with capes and masks long after Halloween has ended. As we pull away from the house, guilt trickles up and down my spine.

Today, there was no guilt because I took my son to see Teen Titans Go! To the Movies! If you are not familiar with the TV show, Teen Titans are Robin, Beast Boy, Raven, Cyborg, and Starfire. They rarely do much crime fighting and spend most of their time lounging around the house, eating junk food, and playing tricks on one another. I love watching the show with my son and laugh as much as he does.

We’ve been looking forward to the movie for months now and were excited to walk into the theater. So excited we didn’t notice that the movie started at 11:40 and not 11:00. So we sat for the extra 40 minutes in a dark theater and talked about our favorite moments from Teen Titans. Most of them revolved around flatulence jokes.

Once the movie started, laughter ensued. And there were many fart jokes. Probably a cinematic record. Also lots of jokes about butts. The humor was gross and poked fun at other superhero movies. Sitting next to my son as pure joy illuminated off his face was such a thrill.

If you are a parent of a superhero-loving kid, but can’t take them to see the other Marvel and DC movies, try Teen Titans. But beware, you’ll be laughing at gross-out humor and might have to answer where babies come from.

If you are wondering about the violence, if they are okay with the violence on the TV show, then they’ll be fine during the movie. The violence is cartoonish and not taken seriously. There are no bad words or sexual innuendos.

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