The HP Envy 360 Laptop Makes Life Easier for Work and Play

Whether using for work or for fun, HP Envy 360 Laptops make life easier.

The HP Envy 360 includes Windows 10 and uses the Start Menu from Windows 7, which allows an easy and quick access to files, photos, etc. And the new feature Edge Web allows users to mark up Web pages from your screen. And if you use your laptop to switch over to tablet mode, it makes it easy to take notes and save them. I’ve been using my laptop in tablet mode for conferences and events to take notes and save them to use for later blog posts.

The 8G Systems Memory allows you to have multiple screens open that assists owners to switch from work to gaming modes with ease. No longer will work screens lag when your boss shows up as you switch from Fortnite to those pesky TS Reports.

As a father of 4, my laptop is more than a place that holds my work files. It’s also what buys me a few more moments of peace at my older kids’ Tae Kwon Do lessons when the toddler is getting antsy. Or on those long car rides my family often takes. During those stressful moments where I want a calm environment, I use the 360-degree flip-and-fold design to entertain my kids. The flip-and-fold has changed the way we travel and when we hear, “I’m bored,” or fights break out; we have a magic wand (or magic laptop) to help save the trip.


To purchase a 15 inch HP Envy 360 Laptop, click here.

To purchase a 13 inch HP Envy 360 Laptop, click here.

If you buy before 7/28/18, you will save $100. 

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this blog post in the form of a gift card.


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