Win a Harman/Kardon Esquire Mini Speaker by Assisting 2BrosTrippin with Creating an Epic Road Trip Playlist

What is a great road trip without a soundtrack to accompany it? Well, I guess it would still be a road trip, but not as epic as it could be. When I’m traveling on a new adventure, Tom Petty, Lenny Kravitz, and Green Day scream from my speakers. On August 16, Joshua Brandenburg from and I want to make our road trip epic and we want you to pick our playlist.

Joshua and I will drive a brand-new Kia Stinger from New York City to Kentucky, where we will travel the Bourbon Trail. While on the Trail, we will visit distilleries, stay at luxurious hotels, and eat some of the finest food Kentucky offers.

But let’s get back to the car for a second

Have you seen the new Kia Stinger? If you haven’t, here is a link to Kia’s first sports car. I have had the pleasure of driving the car around New Orleans, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orlando and may or may not have broken a few speed limits. (Don’t worry Kia, I’ll drive slower this time.) The car has a lot of get-up-and-go, rides smoothly, and looks great.

While on the trip, we will provide those following along with giveaways. The first giveaway starts now. Remember way back in the first paragraph when I asked you to pick our playlist? Go to this Facebook video where Joshua and I talk about our trip and the giveaway. Share your top 5 favorite road trip songs in the comment section. Once all the songs are submitted (The last day to submit will be August 14th), we will make a Spotify playlist. We will randomly choose one winner during a live Facebook chat from within the car on August 16th by playing the song through a shuffle (Details on the time to follow). Whoever submmits the song first will get the entry. If 10 people all submit “Life is a Highway,” only the person that submitted the song first gets the entry.

One winner will receive a Harman/Kardon Esquire Mini Speaker. A great speaker to take the beach, have outside while working on your car, or in the kitchen. Harmon/Kardon supplies the speakers to the Stinger GT, which adds to the driving experience.

There will be other prizes given out during the live Facebook chat (explaining later). To enter that giveaway, you need to share the Facebook video on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #2BrosTrippin. You have until August 14th to share. For every share, you will get one entry into the contest.

To enter both giveaways, you must live in the Continental United States.

There’s more reason to follow our trip than just giveaways. Joshua and I are brothers-in-law and had an instant bond after someone forced us to become brothers through marriage. Our offbeat humor and ability to adapt to whatever situation we are in has provided our families with delight and frustration. You never know what will happen or what we’ll say when together and we are documenting everything. So, come along on our trip and enjoy our shenanigans and get information about the great things to see and do along the Bourbon Trail.

And remember, search for the hashtag #2BrosTrippin on social media where you’ll be able to observe it all.

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