2019 In Review: A One Good Dad Retrospective

2019 was a year that I am happy to leave behind. I saw many trials during the year and battled a variety of health issues. Even though I had physical and mental battles throughout the year, I was able to have professional success and get an idea of where my blog and role as an influencer is headed.

Discussing being a Sexy Dad at Dad 2.0

Here are some of the topics from 2019.


Traveling continued to be a focus for my blog in 2019 and I added great new memories with my family and experienced trips to refresh my spirit and to have some quality guy time with friends.

My family’s visit to Magnolia Plantation in Charleston, South Carolina where we pet deer and other animals and enjoyed nature’s sights and smells.

Our annual ski/snowboard trip to Mont Tremblant where I added more bruises that were eased by beer and Tremblant’s beautiful sights.

My kids and I went on a Royal Caribbean Cruise where we swam with dolphins, spent $160 on rubber ducks, and I scheduled a spa day for a little self-care.

I went on a trip with the guys from to Hershey/Harrisburg Pennsylvania where, we visited breweries, fished, kayaked, and ate and ate and ate. Did I mention eating? While there, as always, I made it a point to chat up the bartender at the hotel bar to find out more about the area.

My two youngest kids and I went on a road trip in a Chevrolet Traverse to stay in a luxury treehouse at The Mohicans near The Mohican State Park in Ohio.


Showing off my city continued to be one of my favorite blogging activities in 2019. For Hamilton fans, I wrote about his home at Hamilton Grange and the Dueling Grounds where he was mortally wounded. I also stopped by the often overlooked Grant’s Tomb for a visit.

Christmas Time in New York City is a magical time and I provided information about my favorite Christmas Trees in NYC.


Over the years, I have enjoyed sharing my love of being a dad on TV, print, and online. In 2019, I was on Strahan and Sarah, where I discussed parenting fails on Father’s Day. New York Metro Parents asked me about being a dad blogger and my favorite things about raising kids in New York City. The New York Post came to my house and we chatted about being a stay-at-home dad.

Interviewing celebrities also continues to be a part of my blog life and this year, I spoke with actor Mark Ruffalo and Stryper’s Michael Sweet,

Paying the Bills

2019 was a good year for my pocketbook and worked with Chevrolet, Movo, Whirlpool, Bosch, Here Comes the Bus App, Bic, Laffy Taffy, and Kia.


But the main reason I became a blogger was to write about me. And in 2019, I did that a lot. Maybe even overshared a bit. I reminisced about my stroke, coming to terms with my imperfections, getting older, depression, and anxiety.

I was also overlooked once again by People’s Magazine to be The Sexiest Man Alive.    


2020 looks to be the busiest year for my blog. I’m going to expand my YouTube channel and include more vlogs and I’ll finally start up a podcast that I’ve been toying with for years. And with 2020 being an election year, I’m sure I’ll have a lot to say.

And hopefully, People Magazine will finally award me the title of Sexiest Man Alive.

To those that follow me, comment, and share, thank you. I hope everyone that has spent time with me has a Happy New Year.

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