2016 Blog Review

2016 had a lot of down moments, but something good happened during the past year. At the start of the year, I hoped to bring my blog to a new level. To post more often and with better content. Well, those two things happened too little as I would have liked, but my viewership and followers rose on my social media channels. My blog went above goals I set for revenue. Companies took notice of what I was doing and I was paid more in 2016 than the previous years. I also appeared on newscasts and in print. My ego appreciated that.

 Oh, and I got to interview Liam Neeson!

 Here are some of the blog posts that stood out.

 Happy New Year and thank you for reading.


Raising Fists and Parenting During a Public Enemy Concert

Coaching Champions in the Midst of Angry Parents

Staying Home and Feeling the Need to Run

My Reasons For Getting a Vasectomy





Mancation, Take Me Away

Midnight Basketball with my Kids on Board the Disney Magic

3 1/2 Week Civil Rights Road Trip with My Family

Traveling Abroad with Kids Increases Assertiveness



Liam Neeson

Brad Meltzer

My daughter’s interview with Gold Medalist Allyson Felix


One more thing: I helped raise over $40,000 for Camp Kesem by hiking 100 miles along Hadrian’s Wall with 11 other dad bloggers. Thank you to everyone that helped and supported us.

Group - Kesem End

Have a great 2017!


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