With Lee Jeans, one can tailgate without sacrificing good taste

Lee 2
Wearing Lee Jeans while taking care of a hurt knee.

People talk about food at length when talking about tailgating. And rightfully so. A good tailgating party needs to have a great spread of food, preferably laid across folding tables and including juicy slabs of meat stationed between buns, plates, a veggie tray that barely gets touched, and ice cold beer. There is, however, an aspect of tailgating that rarely receives its fair share of tailgating discussion.

What to wear to a tailgating party?

Often times, people show up to a tailgating party wearing the bottom of the drawer clothes. You know what I mean – those clothes that are expected to become dirty or stained (or already are). Your baggy high school sweatpants from the early 90s. The jeans you wore before you lost 20 pounds. There is a reason they are at the bottom of your clothes drawers; nobody should witness you wearing them. And yet. You’d think people thought Belicheck was a fashion god by the way they model his attire, all while discussing how good or bad their team is. Okay, I know that you might be thinking fashion and tailgating do not belong in the same sentence. But I disagree. I dare argue that what you wear is as important as what you eat, when feasting beneath the shadows of your favorite stadium.

Wearing Lee jeans and Lee jacket
Wearing Lee jeans and Lee jacket

Don’t get me wrong, I firmly believe that fans need to dress comfortably for the long day of eating and cheering on your team. But comfort doesn’t have to mean sloppy. And fashion isn’t only about wearing your favorite jersey. I’m talking about pants here. Why would I match my beautiful Cleveland Browns jersey with a pair of pants that don’t fit properly, are stretched out, have faded areas, or are stuck in the 90s? (No more carpenter pants unless you are an actual carpenter.) Comfort should not trump looking good. Personally, I couldn’t be comfortable knowing that I look like I could be shouting plays from the Patriots sideline.

lee 4Thankfully, I found someone that shares my opinion that tailgating attire needs to be taken more seriously. ESPN’s very own Mike Greenburg from the Mike and Mike Show agrees with me that looking good while tailgating is extremely important. Mike Golic, Greenburg’s on air partner, suggests differently. He believes in comfort. Here’s the thing though, one can achieve both. Lee Jeans has mastered the combination of looking good while being comfortable.

It doesn’t matter whether I’m flipping burgers and ribs or chasing after my kids, I can always look my best.




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