Attention Hotels: Please stock your bathrooms with Charmin Extra Soft

charminI’m telling you right off the bat that this is a sponsored post as part of my agreement to be a brand ambassador of Charmin. And with 4 kids, I think I know a thing or two about what constitutes as good toilet paper:  It needs to be soft and it needs to provide a good clean on the first swipe. Because you don’t want to have to rewipe with rough toilet tissue that will make a little bottom sore. Charmin is a product that I can get behind because it covers those two aspects of toilet paper necessities.

And why am I so passionate about toilet paper at this moment?


I have been traveling a lot lately and one thing that I have come to hate in my travels is the lack of comfortable tissue paper in hotel bathrooms. Some of the hotels where I’ve stayed lately are beautiful, with gorgeous water fountains, spacious rooms, free drinks, and many other travel bonuses. Unfortunately, often times the bathroom is forgotten. Sure, the soap might be extravagant and designed  for the rich and famous, but toilet tissue is an afterthought. Listen up hotels, bum satisfaction should never be overlooked for ensuring a perfect stay.

So, my advice for upper establishment hotels are to stock your bathroom with Charmin Extra Soft. Your guests will have an even better stay.

Disclaimer: I have been compensated by Charmin for this post as a brand ambassador. 

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