Traveling Around Europe with a Baby Bjorn We

Baby Bjorn in Pisa
Baby Bjorn in Pisa

My family is a baby-wearing kind of family. And so, when we were packing for our recent trip to Europe, we brought along our new Baby Bjorn We Carrier instead of a stroller. When the We Carrier is folded up, it takes very little room, which was perfect since we had plenty of other suitcases, bags, and car seats to juggle. We could even fit the We Carrier into our backpack when our 2 year old wanted to walk around.

We mainly wore our toddler on our back, except for a few times when it was nap time and he wanted to rest on our chests. We carried him around Spain, Italy, and France’s most amazing locations and it was perfect for the frequent tight squeezes and cobblestoned streets one finds in Europe – places where a stroller won’t work. It was also perfect for visiting locations where our son was tempted to touch priceless artifacts, like the Royal Palace in Madrid. With him safe on our back, we could relax and enjoy history.


Coliseum in Rome

My son sat comfortably and we carried him around comfortably. The straps were easy to snap together and even if one of us was alone with our toddler, we could place him in the carrier quite easily.


It was nice having my 2 year old close to me as I experienced our adventures. While he won’t remember hiking up Mount Vesuvius in Italy or visiting the beach in Barcelona, I will always remember wearing him on my back as we took in the amazing sites.


The Baby Bjorn We Carrier can hold children up to 33 pounds and my quite-large 2 year old is proof that even older kids can enjoy the ride.

Price: $139.99

Eze, France
Eze, France


Montserrat, Spain
Mount Vesuvius
Mount Vesuvius

Disclosure:  Baby Bjorn provided  a We Carrier for my review, but I was not compensated and the opinions are my own.


  1. What an amazing vacation! Super cool that you don’t need a big bulky stroller to travel around!

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