Spy Gear: Panosphere 360 Spy Cam, Spike Mic Launcher, Sonic Distractors: Toy Reviews

panosphere360My kids have been channeling their inner spy since their imaginations first began to take flight. They have a spy box with miscellaneous toys to assist them with their spying endeavors. The box contains a magnifying glass, several pairs of binoculars, flashlights, invisible ink pens, papers, and a variety of other items that they won’t let me get rid of because it helps them catch the bad guys. Or, depending on the day, the good guys.

Their spy box has become a lot more high tech since the addition of a few items from Spin Master’s Spy Gear. Spy Gears makes the kind of toys that make me wish I was born a few decades later. The spy toys I grew up with were cheap and maybe lasted a day. Spy Gear has developed toys that actually work and are durable enough to handle getting dropped a few times. That’s quite an accomplishment in the spy toy industry.

Here’s a few of Spy Gear’s products that are available:

Panosphere 360 Spy Cam:

You’re child with a working spy cam? How scary is that? Roughly the size of a glue stick, this toy has a working hidden camera with full panoramic video and audio recording. If you buy this toy for your kids, I’d make sure that it is stored in its proper place when playtime is over or you might find yourself the subject of hidden camera footage.

You can attach the camera to a puck that is included with the toy, which can then be slid into spying position. You can also take the puck apart and suction it to a wall for a preset stationary position. The suction also works for those that want to get creative and stick the camera to remote control cars, planes, and helicopters.

Pros: What kid wouldn’t want to mess around with a spy camera? This is a great toy for those that are interested in taking their spying to a whole new level.

Cons: There are obvious cons here that parents should take into consideration. What little brother wouldn’t want to keep tabs on what’s going on with their older siblings? Set parameters for your kids around whom, when, and where can be the subject of video, so that spying doesn’t take an inappropriate turn.

Age Suggestion: 8 and up.

Price: $59.99

Spy-Gear-Spike-MicSpike Mic Launcher

Aim, shoot, and listen. Those are the required skill to use the Mic Launcher. The mic,  works best where there is little feedback. The sticky dart to which the mic is attached goes pretty far and will stick well if the target and suction cup is clean. For best results, aim straight; angles can be tough.

Let your kids get one over on you and pretend that you don’t know they are listening for some extra fun. Try not to use this for guilt trips though — it will be tempting.

Pros: You can listen well from the next door room, but don’t go too far.

Cons: Again, make sure this toy has a good place to be stored so the kids don’t hear anything they shouldn’t. Or that could scar them for life.

Age Suggestion: 8 and up

Price: $24.99


Sonic Distractors:

These toys will help your kids sneak up on their enemy using the element of surprise. The toy comes with a belt clip that the distractors are attached to. The spy then rolls the distractors into a room and waits for the sound. Once the sound goes off, the little spy can run around a corner, or go on the attack.

Pros: These toys are another great way kids can take their spy role play to a higher level.

Cons: Toys that make noise… that con is up to you to fill in.

Age Suggestion: 8 and up

Price: Around $9.99


*The company provided a sample of the products for my review, but I was not compensated and the opinions are my own.

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