Ritz Crackers will Make a Great Addition to Any World Cup Party

pass the loveMy home is a soccer loving home. My kids play soccer and I coach my son’s fourth grade team. To say that we are excited about the World Cup is a huge understatement. I’m sure at some point that we will have a World Cup party. Of course for us, the focal point of the party will be watching the US team play.

I’m sure as we watch; we’ll discuss Landon Donovan’s impact on American soccer and how wrong Kingsman was to keep him of the team. (I’m still a little upset about it.) We’ll also talk about Dempsey’s heroics and toughness and recall the story of the time he played with a broken jaw. As we watch the games, an important aspect of our viewing pleasure will be our snacks.



The most versatile snack that I use at my parties is Ritz crackers. We use crackers in almost everything. We can use them with cut-up lunch meat and cheese as finger foods, or we can crumble them over chili or even use to top casseroles. Ritz will have made its presence known at all of our World Cup parties.

I have been participating in a World Cup Pass the Love promotion on behalf of Mondelez International, which is the company behind such great snack foods as Oreo Cookies, Honey Maid, Ritz, Sour Patch Kids, and Trident, all of which would make great additions to any World Cup party.

If you have a soccer loving home like mine, try going to, where you can find games and more information about US Soccer, recipes, games, and about the Mondelez products.

Disclosure: I have been compensated on behalf of Mondelez International, but the opinions are mine own.

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