Pokemon Vinyl Figure: Toy Review

Pokemon has invaded my house. If you have an older elementary-aged boy or girl, chances are you’ve had a similar invasion. I’m still not sure how to play this game. All I know is that I am dealt some cards with strange symbols and numbers and an odd looking creature on the front. My son will put down one card and I’ll throw down another and then one of us wins. I also know that kids trade these cards like colds. They fly from one to another.

If you have a kid like mine, you should check out the Pokemon toys from TOMY. Two products from TOMY are the Vinyl Articulated Action Figures and the Catch “N” Return Poke Ball.

KyuremArticulated Vinyl Figure

The most popular characters from the cards and cartoon are available as collectable figures. These tough and bendable figures can fight through an intense battle and live to be played with again. The artwork put into the toys is quite detailed and I would be willing to bet that many Pokemon collectors will want these on their shelves.

Pros: The action figures are tough and look great and will make many Pokemon fans very happy.

Cons: At prices around $16 a piece, putting together a battle with these figures could get expensive.

Price: Around $15.99

Age: 4 and up

*The company provided a sample of the product for my review, but I was not compensated and the opinions are my own.


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