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Note to Travelers – Always Chat up the Hotel Bartender: A Crowne Plaza story

View from my room at the Crowne Plaza Harrisburg

Like most tourists, I put a lot of planning into a vacation. I Google bars, restaurants, museums, hotels, and hikes. Then, I arrive at my hotel with an itinerary in place ready to take on a city. Then, I head to the hotel bar and everything changes. That’s what took place while staying at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Harrisburg, PA.

Crowne Plaza Harrisburg staircase

I’ve driven through Harrisburg many times, but never stopped to get a feel for the city. Before receiving my itinerary, all I knew about Harrisburg was that it was the Capital of Pennsylvania and includes an abundance of micro-breweries. The Itinerary I received from provided a plethora of information about the locality. Having family near Harrisburg, it’s exciting to know there’s so much to experience.

After my short drive from NYC that seemed to take forever, because it included dropping my kids off at my mother’s house, I arrived at the Crowne Plaza and was ready to crash on the cozy bed. Then, my stomach remembered I hadn’t eaten since noon and it was now 9:30 pm. I saddled up to the bar and ordered a Cuban sandwich and a Guinness and before long; the bartender was advising me about all the places I needed to check out while in Harrisburg. Here’s advice for all my fellow travelers – always go to the hotel bar and chat with the bartender about what there’s to do in the area. A good bartender has the talent to read its patrons. Soon, I had knowledge about bookstores, museums, street art, and all the things I love about exploring a city.

After what seemed like a bottomless glass of Guinness, I traveled up to my room and fell asleep in my comfortable bed. When I woke up, I had a mission, and that was to locate the Midtown Scholar Bookstore. And the bartender was right, my perfect spot was a brief stroll from the hotel.

At the Midtown Scholar Bookstore
Midtown Scholar Bookstore

For travelers heading to Harrisburg, take my advice and not merely sleep at the Crowne Plaza, but pull up a barstool and chat up the bartender. Your itinerary will become richer.

The Crowne Plaza also has a gym and pool to work off all those stops at the micro-breweries and at the Midtown Market.

Disclaimer: I am collaborating with #HersheyHarrisburg for this post and my social shares. To follow along on my trip with and, follow the above hashtag as well as #TDAD.

Thank you Crown Plaza for the wonderful accommodations, friendly staff, clean smells (that’s huge for me), and an informative bartender.

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