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Nini Spergelini: Guitar-ific! – Book Review

Nini Spergelini: Guitar-ific!

niniAuthor: Heather Spergel

Illustrator: Brian Perla

Publisher: Turn the Page Publishing LLC

Price: $18.99

My kids love to pretend to be rock stars, and this book captures that desire to attain rock stardom. In this children’s picture book, Nini Spergelini walks by a music store window and sees a bright yellow guitar with sunglasses staring back. Upon seeing the guitar, Nini immediately dreams of becoming a rock star. Later on in school, Nini continues to let that yellow guitar wearing sunglasses encompass his every thought. Once school is out, Nini finds out that his dad has something for him. Could it be what he’s been dreaming about all day?

Kids will identify with Nini’s enthusiasm and exciting dreams. My age recommendation is 5 to 9.

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