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Big Big Topics for Little Little Kids by Claudette McGowan: Book Review

While browsing around the Book Expo America in NYC, I picked up several books that caught my attention. This was one of them.

Big Big Topics for Little Little Kids

Big Big Topics for Little Little KidsAuthor: Claudette McGowan

Illustrator: Honey Pearl Pelaez

Publisher: Excelovate

Price: $9.95

Sometimes parents can have a difficult time relating to their own children when trying to discuss heavy topics. Big Big Topics for Little Little Kids can help parents speak a language to children that they understand when discussing those topics.

Marcus and Calley, two children, narrate the book and confront tough issues for parents and children to discuss. Such topics include when a parent is pregnant, handling bullies, what a kid should do when a stranger talks to them, parental conflict, and others. In reading the book, it occurred to me that the book also would be helpful if my children had friends that are going through difficult times in their lives – my kids would understand what their friends might be feeling or facing.

7 and 8 year olds will probably be able to read this book on their own, but I would suggest reading this book to younger children so they can know and be ready for the topics later on. My age suggestion is 5 and up.

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