My Kids Eating Lunch Under a Blanket in Honor of National Breastfeeding Month

Kids eating

In honor of National Breastfeeding month, I made my kids eat their lunch under a blanket just like the old days of when they were infants. It turns out it isn’t the ideal way to eat. Who knew?

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  1. Oh no, you’re doing it all wrong! Covering them up but still allowing them to eat where others could potentially be offended by the fact that under those blankets, kids are eating!? NO! And it might make blushing parents explain to their own kids what those other kids are doing under those blankets!!! HORROR! They need to be properly sequestered in a toilet stall.

      1. I went in a mall and they actually had a room for breastfeeding. I was just glad that they gave parents someplace sanitary to do it, it’s bad enough they are shooed behind walls. Who wants to eat under a stuffy blanket in a dirty bathroom? Not me!

    1. I breast fed my first child 37 years ago. I refused then to be intimidated by people who wanted to deny the sole purpose of breasts. I fed all three sons wherever and whenever they were hungry or fussy. AND I rarely covered up. I was shopping at Gimbels (remember that store?) and I conveniently sat down in an easy chair on the furniture department and proceeded to nurse my son. Some woman came over and remarked that I should do that in the ladies room. I asked her if she ate in the bathroom to which she huffed and replied “of course not!”. I told her that my son was not going to eat in the bathroom either! Then I told her that I thought that women who bottle fed their babies should be the ones hiding in the bathroom out of shame. She turned and walked away.

      1. Iris–while I see your point, you’re just as bad as them for making women who bottle feed their children feel shamed. Some mothers just can’t breast feed. You judging them and shaming them DOES NOT HELP. You’re just as disgusting as them. Period.

      2. I agree with your sentiment, however, I couldn’t breast feed because I didn’t supply any milk. So I AM NOT ashamed for bottle feeding my child. I fully support women to breast feed where ever they like but do not belittle others opinions or decisions as you don’t know the reasons!!

      3. “the sole purpose of breasts” seems extreme, but what do I know. I grew up in an era where women used more discretion when breast feeding. I agree asking an infant to have a towel over his head to eat is silly. I think the mother and child should have a visual connection, during which time neither should be disturbed. Public places should have areas set side to do this.

        Go ahead, flame me😈

      4. Thank you for sharing your story. Sad that things like that happened then and still happen now. Good for you for standing up for yourself and your child.

  2. I’m offended… please take your children to a more appropriate area to eat.. like a bathroom. Thanks.

      1. How dare you!! Paying customers need to use that dressing room for trying on clothes! (You really can’t win. It’s so stupid.)

    1. Think about it …..if you would ever eat your meal in a stall and someone goes in the next stall with explosive diarrhea. Js

  3. Yeah, that not normal to tread kids like that… I quess some institution should do something about that. Nobody didn’t ask you to hide your tits in past, mummy. I bet some of you didn’t breastfeed. Did you?

  4. Thank you. I am now wiping cornflakes off my computer screen.

    Some of the best supporters of breastfeeding women are the men who love them. Thank you for being one of the few men to publicly voice their support and advocate for children’s rights.

    1. Thank you for opening up a whole new world for me. I am now going to market my blog as another way to apply the Heimlich.

      I’m a part of a group of dad bloggers that love to spread the support. We’re growing in numbers.

  5. Actually, shouldn’t you have served the cereal off your breast? I think that would have been a little more authentic.

  6. I totally love this! As a mom who breastfed 6 children, who had a supportive husband, while doing it, I knew what this was before I even read the caption! You are terribly clever! I thoroughly enjoyed this!

  7. Ok She covered the head of the Child? When a woman is breast feeding and she wants to hide herself, she’s not supposed to hide the “Dairy Queen” part? Am I wrong or what?

  8. This is great! I have a 2 year old that attempted breastfeeding, but my wife was unable to produce enough milk. But I fully support breastfeeding anywhere that’s needed. The sexualisation of it by all those prudes is unfortunate. I’m glad the law in many places supports the mothers’ right to breastfeed anywhere.

  9. I dislike this. I mean, the intention is good, however the implication is that any mother who chooses to use a cover is providing her child a less than ideal environment. Why can’t we all just support each others choices. As I say, the intention is good. Women should not be forced to cover or hide away while breast feeding. By that Same token- those who prefer to hide their hooters by their own choice or ( god forbid) express milk and feed by bottle… Should not be made to feel that their choice is not ideal. Lets all just support each others choices. Breast feeding is natural and needs more supporters. Let us just be careful of who we tear down in the process.

  10. I can’t believe you posted a picture of your table, you should be ashamed.
    Tables are private sexually charged objects that no decent person would expose in public.

  11. Puh-leeeeeeze! Big difference! Men are not going to drool over your kids eating cereal. Breast feeding is natural and all, but so is men staring at exposed breasts!

      1. Yes, men are dogs. I don’t think that most women have any Idea of what really goes on in men’s minds. They think about sex every 15 minutes. Ever heard of “milfs?” Moms I would like to bleeeeeep? Men are visually stimulated, and are, as opposed to what feminists think, different than women. My mom breast fed me for 2 years and managed to not give free shows, or suffocate me under a blanket. It is possible!

      2. I don’t hate men-I am one! I hear all the sordid stories that my friends tell me. Even the most moral men I know struggle with not lusting. Women are different and don’t understand the visual thing. I know one guy that goes nuts looking at women’s feet… And if toenails will cause the sweats, imagine what breasts do!

      3. It shouldn’t matter if a man is stimulated by seeing a breast or not. A baby needs to eat in a comfortable way for the child and mother. Also, there isn’t anything sexy about breastfeeding. If someone is stimulated by that, then they have some other issues that need some attention.

    1. Please, I am so SO sick of hearing people say “Women don’t understand… men are… VISUAL.” Guess what? I have eyes too… TWO of them. And believe me, I’m a very visual person and visually stimulated. I still have the self discipline to avert my eyes when I catch a glimpse of something that I probably shouldn’t look at it. It’s called self-control. Try it.

  12. If a man finds a woman breastfeeding extremely sexually provocative, I would be more concerned for HIS mental stability than anything else. It’s natural and beautiful in a very non-sexual way.

  13. Thankfully, Alaska is pretty libertarian and practical, so we didn’t get pushback when my wife breastfed all three kids in many different settings. I do remember one moment with a college friend of my wife’s along, we stopped at an overlook and she sat on a outside bench and fed our eldest. In a 20F breeze with no covering. The woman friend cringed unconsciously and covered her own clothed chest with her arms – not in disapproval but in an involuntary, sympathetic reaction to seeing tender bits out in the weather.

  14. But we still know what they are doing under the blanket so it is still inappropriate… 😉

  15. Holy crap. Thank you for this. This single, very simple photograph really encapsulates the whole problem. Don’t use a cover, don’t need to, never will.

  16. This post and all the comments here just cracked me up. I am a breastfeeding advocate myself and will not trade the experience with my daughter for anything else. Thanks for making my day!

  17. I fed my children everywhere, nobody ever seemed to notice. I did also have my 6ft6 husband waiting for someone to suggest I was in some way being improper. People never realized that I was feeding a child and they got to miss out on a screaming,hungry young human.

  18. Love it! My youngest wouldn’t keep a blanket on when he was an infant — and who blames him? I can see a bunch of people eating like this at a restaurant…wonder what people would think.

  19. A brilliant depiction 🙂 thank you! As a mother of two who did the blanket thing in an attempt to not make others feel uncomfortable I applaud you. Mammaries are mobile munchie makers and should be considered as such! I mean, how silly would our cats and dogs look having to wear a bib/blanket to cover theirs?!

  20. While I get your point, for some people a blanket is used out of respect or because they don’t want to expose themselves to people. Even if you don’t like the concept, don’t disrespect it. Especially when you have no idea what it’s like to breast feed in public.

    1. I never intended to disrespect anyone. I’m sorry if I did. And although I do not know what it is like to have a baby sucking from teet in public, after standing with my wife through 3 breastfeeding years, I do believe I have an idea. Anyone who has the choice to breastfeed and does is okay in my book. I do not believe anyone should be looked down upon for how they do it.

      1. well said OGD. I have breastfed “in public” (that phrase implies women busking by feeding a baby?!) and struggled with different tops and covering (sometimes using a light muslin so that my baby wasn’t feeding in the dark and getting sweaty and flustered. This sort of “cover yourself out of respect” attitude was a contributing factor to me failing at breastfeeding with my firstborn- I was led to believe I should feed in a room upstairs when guests came to see my newborn, express milk immediately so I could go out in public, and buy special two-layer tops so my son could feed through a slot. Out of respect for who? Who is so offended by me trying to nourish my baby AND have a normal life that I must hide it out of respect? Where is their respect for me? Where is their respect for nature and evolution?

  21. Reblogged this on Okayest Mom and commented:
    I’m not shy about the fact that, uh, my relationship with breastfeeding was, uh, complicated. Adoption. High-risk twin pregnancy resulting in near-death. ICU and NICU stays. Tandem twin feeding. Everything about me and breastfeeding is complicated. However, I’m still happy that it’s National Breastfeeding Month and I honor it with this photo.

  22. Would have never tried something like this – what did your wife think? And I also read your “thoughts during national breastfeeding month.” I nodded my head at petty much everything you said – nailed it!

    1. Thank you. My wife got the joke and the point I was trying to make. My wife were a team during the breastfeeding years and she is with me as teammate through the blogging years.

  23. Funniest thing! On cold, winter mornings my 6 year old son will grab a blanket and cover himself while sitting on the heat register in the kitchen (obviously when the heat is on). Sometimes he’ll even eat his breakfast under there. Can you imagine? What kind of mother let’s her child eat under a cover?! A perfectly fine one. #projectcoveryourbreasts

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