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My Family Escaped City Life to Stay in the Dove Men+Care Treehouse

Sirens blare around my neighbourhood. Car horns honk. The air smells of exhaust and concrete. I love living in New York City, but the sights, sounds, and smells can get to me from time to time. Lately I have been feeling the weight of the city and needed to escape into nature.


Outside of Chattanooga sits the Dove Men+Care Treehouse. My family was lucky enough to escape city life and stay for two nights. I had a friend growing up that had a treehouse and we would have sleepovers inside. My friend’s treehouse has nothing on the beautiful Dove Men+Care Treehouse.

Within the treehouse is a loft with two beds, a bedroom, and a small sitting room with a kitchenette. The bathroom could rival any bathroom at the most luxurious hotels. I fell in love with the enormous bathroom and the 5-headed shower, heated floors, skylights, and enclosed tree. And the bathroom is stocked with Dove Men+Care Elements products. My kids slept in the loft under the stars beneath huge skylights, while my wife and I slept on the queen sized bed surrounded by windows that let the sights and sounds of nature sneak through.

The treehouse brought us the peace we were seeking. A stream running alongside the treehouse replaced the sirens and horns, the smell of trees and wood calmed our senses, and nature all around the treehouse brought breath-taking visuals to solidify the fact we were not in NYC anymore.

When we weren’t peacefully relaxing around the treehouse, we were hiking the Lula Land Trust or walking around Chattanooga. Lula Land Trust is only open two weekends a month, and we were lucky enough to be around for one of the open days. We hiked about 5 miles and experienced beautiful views and a thunderous waterfall. Having my children hold onto branches, chase butterflies, and scale up and down the side of a mountain was what this family needed.

With our lungs clear and minds and body at peace, we left the beautiful treehouse behind. Thankfully, we brought some of the smells of nature with us. The Dove Men+Care Elements fill our bathroom like the treehouse bathroom and although we don’t have the beautiful look of the treehouse bathroom, we have the smells of it. My favourite is the Elements Minerals and Sage.


*Disclaimer: I received a stay in the Dove Men+Care after taking part in the #DiscoverElements campaign. I was not under obligation to write about my stay, but enjoyed the treehouse and wanted to share my thoughts and photos. 

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